Why Your CRM Application Should Match Your Sales Process

CRM applications were once available only to large organizations with the IT resources to purchase and run the necessary servers to host the software. Those days are gone, and thanks to cloud CRM providers, enterprises of every size can empower their sales force with a CRM solution. One of the keys to successful implementation of sales automation software is customizing the application workflow to match your already successful sales process. This will ensure you maximize efficiency and increase revenue by selling more. Let’s examine the best practices for aligning your software and your sales team.

  • First, if your sales force isn’t on board, it’s a lot more difficult to transition seamlessly to sales automation. Sales managers must communicate the value of CRM implementation and how it will lead to more sales and better communication with clients and leads. If the sales force sees CRM only as a way for management to monitor their activity, the new system will meet with resistance. Consult with your sales force to find out what they need to make the process run smoothly and to help them with conversation rates.
  • Second, make sure that your CRM application allows you to design templates, customize screens, create drop-down boxes, automate workflow, and manipulate any other features that recreate the sales process that is unique to your organization. The goal is to use CRM to make your process work better, so make the software fit your sales process, not the other way around.
  • Third, if you don’t have a successful sales process in place, establish one. Set requirements for when a lead becomes a prospect, a prospect becomes an opportunity, and an opportunity becomes a sale. Then, determine the actions that should be taken at each step. You won’t be able to successfully integrate CRM software until you have a sales process that offers proven results.

You want your CRM solution to work for you, and to do that you need a sales strategy in place, buy in from your sales force, and a CRM solution that’s fully customizable to match your business’s process.

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