Have You Ever Missed a Birthday?

Find out 8 ways not to miss again.

Wish you knew the birthday of a colleague who never misses yours?  Think you are too busy to follow up on birthdays and the name of your prospect’s spouse? How about those fumbles you had while making presentations?

Here are 8 ways to bring your social zing back with CRM:

  • Add birthdays to activities and get an automated reminder next time.
  • Catch up in the cafeteria with Tim. Use mobile CRM to see what Tim’s working on.
  • Get auto notified on new hires, accounts or promotions.  Send a personalized note.
  • Family get-together?  No problems, gmail integration will help you track everything.
  • Team acquired a big account?  Quickbooks integration will give you the details.
  • Volunteer showing off the productivity increase with CRM.
  •  Impress your boss with great reports and animated power points using current data.
  •  Work smarter, not harder and be at home for dinner with your family.
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