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5 ways an effective Sales Forecasting can help your Business

With the help of data and analysis, Forecasting helps you see into the future. Companies like Wal-Mart, Costco and many others focus on their sales forecasting to order their inventory and revise their strategies. Implementing an effective sales forecasting system … Continue reading

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CRM: Protecting Both You and Your Customers

Are you confident in your CRM system’s ability to protect customer privacy? This issue is as important as streamlined customer support automation or thorough defect and bug tracking, and yet client confidentiality isn’t discussed nearly enough. Online privacy is of … Continue reading

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Why Your CRM Application Should Match Your Sales Process

CRM applications were once available only to large organizations with the IT resources to purchase and run the necessary servers to host the software. Those days are gone, and thanks to cloud CRM providers, enterprises of every size can empower … Continue reading

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What to Expect for the Future of CRM

As the first post-Internet generation reaches adulthood, the future of CRM will see continued movement toward real-time, cloud-based customer relationship management solutions. The technologically centric workplace means that employees will expect CRM applications to become even more user friendly and … Continue reading

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A Salesperson’s Biggest Asset

What is the most important asset of a salesperson? Is it Experience, Personality, Product Knowledge, Relationship? None of the above – it is his or her time. If time is the most important asset, shouldn’t your CRM Software make the … Continue reading

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